3DO Nozzle Camera Kit - Sony 4K
    3DO Nozzle Camera Kit - Sony 4K
    3DO Nozzle Camera Kit - Sony 4K
    3DO Nozzle Camera Kit - Sony 4K
    3DO Nozzle Camera Kit - Sony 4K
    3DO Nozzle Camera Kit - Sony 4K

    3DO Nozzle Camera Kit - Sony 4K

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    VAT included

    After seeing a lot of cool nozzle camera videos with hacked-up endoscopes...
    We decided to make a real "Nozzle Camera" for 3D printers.

    Demo video:

    Kit includes

    Print files:




    4K (Sony IMX258)

    Sensor Size




    Frame Rate

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Lens type*

    Fixed Focus



    Operating temperature**

    -20°C TO 60°C

    Storage temperature

    -40°C TO 80°C

    *Focus distance from the back side of the camera to the object is set to 34.5mm
    (it’s possible to change the focus distance by rotating the lens. Note the lens is glued in place, so new glue needs to be applied after adjusting)

    **Though this is the camera rating we tested it in a 70C heat chamber for 24hrs without any issues.
    FPC (Ribbon between sensor and PCB) is rated at 225C. In the 120C heat chamber, the lens housing started to deform (we may change the housing material for the next version)

    Contributors that made this project possible, a big thanks to you all!

    CAD Design & Testing

    • Olof Ogland (Known from Bondtech)
    • Kenneth Munkholt (VZ Community)
    • Dennis Jespersen (From RatRig Community)

    Software Development & Testing

    • Meteyou (Mainsail founder)
    • KwadFan (Crowsnest founder)
    • Rogerlz(Crowsnest Tester)

    Beta Testers

    • Mitsuma (From RatRig Community)
    • Joao Barros (From RatRig Community)

    Recipient / Nonparticipant

    In the start we had one main CAD developer: (RayKn#2312 Raymond Knetemann) He said he would be more dedicated to the project if he got some kind of payment and as we wanted to fast-track the project we agreed... We made a deal on an LDO Voron v0.1 for him making us these mounts:

    • Voron SB
    • RatRig EVA 3.x
    • Voron AB
    • Voron V0.1
    • Prusa MK3S
    • Ender 3

    Sadly, after Raymond received the Voron from us, his dedication to the project went the opposite way, and up until now we haven't received anything from him. We asked him to send the printer back or pay for it, but he refused both and we are now working on debt collection.

    This is the story, in short, Raymond delayed this project a lot. But a huge thanks to Olof Ogland from Bondtech that stepped in and made a Voron mount in no time, for our release.

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